Saving two lives at once by rescuing unwanted horses and dogs to be retrained for service and animal assisted programs - designed to give disabled people their independence. 

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Lorelie Bond


Colleen Campbell 

President, Trainer 

Campbell Equine

Xarina (Serena): Mobility Service Mini in Training

Xarina is a very sweet, gentle and friendly girl. She was the first baby to come up to us in the field when we went to pick out 2 foals to train for service. She has started her de-sensitizing training and is doing very well with everything we have thrown at her. She is learning how to walk and stop when the person does and how to brace to help people catch their balance. She will be used in PT and OT programs for hospitals and Physical Therapy offices.

Peanut: Therapy Mini

Peanut is 20 years old. She was rescued from a stall with manure so high her ears touched the ceiling, she had never been outside. She then spent some time as a broodmare before coming to us this summer. Peanut is a very sweet and gentle. She has taken over the role as mother to the two young foals we brought in.  People can't help but melt when they meet her. She is now learning to nuzzle and kiss on command to be able to give people who can't move as well the benefits of touching a horse.

Sheila Thorn, LICSW earned her M. Ed. in 2005 and MSW in 2011. Over her career as a teacher, she taught middle school and high school students a variety of subjects including, science, health, and specialized vocational and drop out prevention curricula.

Currently, she works as an psychotherapist for adolescents, adults, and families. Sheila also completed her yoga teacher training. She has developed and taught yoga classes for school teachers, students, horse riders, and for use in therapeutic sessions.

Through her combined professional and personal experience Sheila had learned first hand the importance of animal companionship. She believes pets play a vital role in al life stages and any hardships along the way. Sheila lives with her husband and their five children— two human, three feline.

Rescue an Unwanted Horse or dog


Retrain for service

Change someone's life (human and furry someone)- A win for all involved

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Linda Skole

Director of Events at Crestview Country Club

Lily: Search and Rescue Dog in Training

Lily was born on a transport we took her in from a local rescue. We discovered shortly after taking her in that she is a beagle mix and was not suited for individual service but is very good at tracking. She has started her basic training for search and rescue! She loves the new game of find the toy and hide and seek. We are looking forward to seeing what this little girl can do as she advances in the training. Lily has been adopted by Colleen Campbell and will be a permanent addition to Heroes programs. She will be going out a lot so you may see her on our many public trainings!

Sheila Thorn

Social Worker

Yoga instructor

Levi: Mobility Service Mini in Training

Levi is our little Buddha horse. He is the most mellow, easy going and cuddly boy you would ever want to meet. He excels at giving kisses and snuggling his face under your chin for hugs. He has started his de-sensitizing training and is doing well. He was a little afraid at first but has settled into it very nicely. He is learning to walk and stop with a person and brace. He will be used in PT and OT programs in hospitals and physical therapy offices. 

What to Expect

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Jessica Mattson

Service Dog Trainer

Meet Our Team

Colleen Campbell has been training horses for 20 years. She completed an internship at the UVM Morgan Horse farm in 1998 and graduated from UMass Amherst in 2002 with an Equine Studies major. After college she mentored and worked with Joe Delano for 8 years. 

Colleen now owns and runs Campbell Equine, where she trains horses using natural horsemanship methods, teaches people how to better understand and communicate with their equine partner and offers Horsemanship Yoga clinics. A program she developed with Sheila Thorn in 2010.

While living in Vermont for a short time from 2004-2008 she worked with dog behaviorist Christina Williamson at the North Country Animal League. While at the North Country Animal League, Colleen helped run the dog training classes and learned what it takes to run a successful rescue.

Ashley: Therapy and Driving Mini

Ashley is 20 years old. She was rescued from a neglect situation by a woman in Northfield. She then spent some time as a broodmare and had only 2 babies before coming to us this Summer. She is a very curious and active girl. She has an adventurous streak and has been known to open doors to go on her own adventures. Ashley is fantastic on visits to nursing homes and parades. She has been learning some tricks and tasks, such as lay down and go touch, to make her visits more therapeutic.She loves going on rides in the mini van so watch for a little horse sticking her head out the window as we drive by!