Did someone say Raffle?!! 

$1= 1 ticket or $15 for an arm length

Check out these great prizes you can have a chance to win. More will be added as we collect them.


(no puppies drank beer in the making of this photo)

At our new home! Heroes Boarding and Training Center

203 Long Plain Rd on the South Deerfield/Whately line

From 1pm-6:00pm

Pups and Pints  

Looking forward to running this popular event again this fall at our new location, Heroes Boarding and Training in Whately/South Deerfield.

Heroes come in all shapes.
Service dogs, Emotional support dogs, horse and dog rescue. Equine assisted programs 

Proceeds from Pups and Pints will help place service animals with people in need and care for animals in training.. We are very excited to have Pups and Pints at our new home, Heroes Boarding and Training! If you would like to be part of planning next year’s festival we encourage feedback, suggestions and event planning volunteers.

This year we have two very special service dog teams we will be raising money for. This year we worked with the News 40 Surprise squad to place 2 service puppies with children with autism.Both families live in Western Mass and participated in an application and interview process to find the right fit for the pups.

watch their surprise here: 


Read their story here:


          Zoe and Baloo. Zoe is 16 years old. She is a very outgoing and cheerful girl who had not been able to enjoy going to social events due to anxiety. She has a hard time communicating with people even though she really wants to engage. Since being matched with Baloo she has enjoyed going to movies and other social events. She is much happier now that she has a companion to help her through the tough times. Baloo is doing a very good job comforting Zoe when she is upset and redirecting her attention when she begins to get anxious. Keeping her calm and happy. 

         Noah and Frank. Noah is 4 years old. He is very energetic and has a habbit of running away. Frank was matched with Noah to help keep him safe. Frank is a very mello and social puppy who is being trained to walk with Noah using a special harness to keep him from running away. Frank is also being trained to alert Noah's parents when Noah is climbing to high or doing things that could hurt him as well as blocking Noah if he runs towards the road. 


Cash only at the gate

$25 VIP-  includes, entry in games and trivia, special raffle, T-shirt, coozy, sampling mini mug and sampling. limited number of tickets, must pre purchase 

$15 admission- sampling, mini sampling mug (while supplies last)

$10 admission-  entry with no sampling

Kids under 5 are free

Free on site parking

Guidelines for a safe and fun event

NO under age drinking will be permitted. If you are caught drinking underage you will be removed from the festival with no refunds. If you are caught giving a drink to someone underage you will be removed from the festival with no refunds.

Dogs must have current rabies vaccine!

NO aggressive dogs will be allowed. In order to make the festival safe and fun for all we ask that you leave any dog that does not get along other dogs, kids or people at home. It will be stressful for that dog, you and others.  Aggressive dogs will be asked to leave. Owners are welcome back after their dog is home, make sure to get a stamp for re entry!

NO flexi leashes. 4’-6’ leashes are required.

NO loose dogs. Dogs must be on leash and under owner’s control at all times. Unless in marked off leash areas. Dogs must be supervised at all times.

One dog per handler. To help avoid unwanted situations we are asking that people only have one dog. If you own multiple dogs you would like to have at the festival bring a friend who would like to be in charge of your other dog.

Not every dog gets along with every other dog. Be aware of your dog and others around you. If you notice stiff postures with tails erect and unblinking stares distract your dog with clapping or happy voice and remove them from the other dog.

In case of a dog fight the dogs will be asked to leave. The owners are welcome to come back to the festival after bringing their dogs home.

Clean up after your dog! We have special permission to run this festival. If you would like to see it continue we have to make sure the venue is completely free of dog poop when we are done! If you are caught leaving dog poop you will be charged a $5 donation to Heroes as a clean up fee.

Have fun and be respectful of others. If you would like to be part of planning next year’s festival we encourage feedback, suggestions and event planning volunteers.




Contests and Demos

Adoptable dog parade- Get ready for some heartwarming pups looking for a family! Are you looking for a dog? You could potentially take one home on Sunday! Puppies available with Heroes and Greyhounds available with Gemini. Come find you next furry friend!!

Service dog Demo by Colleen Campbell

The difference between service, therapy, Emotional support and companion dog by Colleen Campbell


TBA Burgers, hotdogs, veggie burgers, Stuffed baked potato, chicken dinner  (proceeds benefit Heroes)


Sampling is included with the VIP ($25) and general admission entry ($15). You will be able to choose what you want to try. We will have samples of wine, hard cider, seasonal beer and IPAs.  Beer, cider and wine is available to purchase along with a full bar.

1 ticket = 4oz sample free

2 tickets = 1/2 priced pint of beer/cider or glass of wine

Please tip your bar tenders!!

New this year!

Dog Garden- enjoy a beer with friends while your dog can enjoy some off leash play time. Dogs must be supervised and cleaned up after, no unattended dogs!


Gemini Greyhounds (adoptable dogs)

Heroes, Horses and Hounds (adoptable dogs, Raffles and festival gear)

Kane's Krusade (services to keep pets in their homes)

Origami Owl- jewelry

Made Here- Local honey from Morgan Meadow apiary, cat nip toys and wool

Tastefully SimpleWith Phyllis Dobosz- direct food sales with sampling

Stealie Jam Farm- Upcycled farm crafts 

Touch Needed animal massage

Ashline Soaps- Hand crafted soaps and bathbombs

Fleece 4 Fun- Dog, Cat and Snake shaped scarves

Happy Tails Photography- Photos with your dog (bring a costume if you want to a photo booth effect)

Wicks and Treats-homemade candles and human quality dog treats

Simply Stacy EO Wellness- Young Living essential oil infused/ non toxic home products

Cabin Antiques and Folk Art- recycled Baseball art, button art frames and other upcycled antique art items

LuLaroe Clothing- Heather Newman

Norwex- Lisa Tinkham independent consultant ​quality microfiber clothes and all natural cleaning products