Saving two lives at once. Rescuing and Retraining horses and dogs as Service dogs and for Animal assisted programs designed to give disabled people their independence 

Equine Assisted programs

Canine Assisted  Programs

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  • Rescue unwanted Horses and Dogs and retrain them for service
  • Train Service animals for PTSD, autism, mobility, and other needs
  • Animal Assisted programs for trauma recovery, kids at risk, inmates, PTSD, autism and more
  • Rescue and adoption of dogs in high kill shelters and slaughter bound horses
  • Educational visits to schools and libraries, Read to a miniature horse or dog
  • Train your own service or therapy dog/horse
  • canine good citizen and obedience training
  • Inmate and veteran trained service dogs
  • Service animal evaluations (horses and dogs)
  • PT and OT programs for hospitals and private practice
  • If you would like to see any of these programs at your hospital, facility or school Please contact us! We are looking for new community partners!

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Our Mission!

Out and About


We will be out in the community a lot the next few months. If you see us please stop and say hello. We would love to introduce you to our animals! Make sure to check on our website and facebook for new events, reading times with the minis and fund raisers!


Horse and Dog Rescue

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.We have found a farm!

   We have moved into our new home in Sunderland, Ma! We are now in the process of putting up fencing, run in sheds and a training building so we can bring our rescued horses home. This little farm will allow us to run our programs on a regular basis and keep all of our therapy animals in one location!

Building and Fencing Day!

 Do you have some spare time to help get the farm fenced and training building built? We will be having a series of days to get things rolling so we can have turn outs and paddocks for the horses and a multi purpose building to train in. 

The first date will be Mon. April 30th. 3pm The run in sheds and some of the panels will hopefully be arriving. 

  Next day will be May 14th and May 17th 11am. We will be fencing in the fields. 

  Contact us via phone or email if you would like to be a part of these fun building days! Pizza, drinks and a gift for all who help!

Support Heroes while shopping!

  If you enjoy shopping on amazon you can use the link below to make a difference for the animals we rescue and programs we run. 100% of the proceeds go to animals in training and our programs. And it won't cost you anything! Simply copy and paste this link into your browser window.

Pups and Pints will be on Sept. 30th!

For the second year we will be hosting the Pups and Pints at the Hadley Young Men's Club in Hadley Mass. This Dog friendly Brew fest is fun for the whole family! Check out the events page for details!!

Heroes, Horses and Hounds is a 501c3, non-profit. We are dedicated to improving our communities by helping the people and animals in them. Our mission is to save two lives at once by rescuing unwanted horses and dogs and retraining them for service and animal assisted programs.

 By offering a wide variety of programs and classes we are able to reach a large number of people in need.  Our classes and programs are designed to help Veterans, Kids at risk, People recovering from strokes and using prosthetics, inmates, and people with PTSD and Autism. We also offer educational programs for schools and libraries.